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The Glitch

Varun Duggirala is one of the leading conversationalists in the modern content & business landscape . He co-founded “The Glitch” in 2009 and has since helped grow it to being one the premier New age creative agencies in the country ( it was acquired by WPP in 2017).

Through his popular podcast 'Advertising is dead', Varun talks about the changes and disruptions in the world of business. He also posts a twice weekly audio blog podcast called “The Varun duggi show” & writes a weekly newsletter “Unschooled” on stuff he’s learning and consuming.

He’s a strong believer that content is going to drive the Brands of tomorrow and that the creator economy will reshape the way the world works. A propagator of the un-hustle culture and being fit for life. He spends way too much time staring at screens and talking into mics but is also someone who’s always open to have a conversation about anything ( literally everything)!

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