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Connect Corner 2021

Rumpa Banerjee
Head Corporate Communication & Member Relations,

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Rumpa Banerjee

Head Corporate Communication & Member Relations,

The Indian Performing Right Society Ltd.

"Rumpa Banerjee joined The Indian Performing Right Society Ltd. in February 2021 after 8years at Star India Pvt. Ltd. Rumpa is a passionate marketer with proven experience in Communications, Brand Management, and Digital Marketing. As a marketing professional, she has proficiently handled integrated marketing campaigns, brand/product launches, digital strategy & marketing, Corporate Communication & PR for leading media brands at the regional and national levels. She has led brands to succeed in terms of profitability, market share, and customer acquisition.

Rumpa brings 20 years of media industry experience to her role at IPRS. At IPRS, she is spearheading corporate communication, marketing, and brand strategy for the organisation. She also heads the Membership vertical and is instrumental in driving education and outreach programmes, facilitating onboarding of prospective members, enhancing customer and member experience, and expanding IPRS’s footprint across the country. Working for a cause and positively impacting the music community through her role at IPRS, is what motivates her most.

About IPRS:
The Indian Performing Right Society Ltd. (IPRS), is India’s only Copyright Society registered under the Copyright Act, 1957, representing the Composers, Authors, and Publishers of musical works and literary works associated with musical works. As a body ‘Of The Members, By The Members, and For The Members’, IPRS is active towards safeguarding the rights of songwriters, composers, and music publishers who are its members. IPRS is a member of the Paris-based International Confederation of Authors and Composers Societies (CISAC), the apex body of 232 Authors' Societies in 121 countries representing more than 4Mn creators.

Why join IPRS?
As an author, composer, and/or publisher, when you make/produce a song, you may own the copyright of the song. However, as a creator and/or publisher it might be challenging for you to keep a track of all the different places/mediums your song/music is being exploited. Hence, IPRS’s key role is to ensure that authors, composers, and owners of music, who are its members, are duly credited, whenever their musical compositions and songs are streamed, downloaded, broadcast, performed, and played in public. As a copyright society, IPRS issues licenses to music users and collect royalties on behalf of its members. IPRS is a Non-Profit organization, which means, all the money that is collected on behalf of the members is distributed back to them, deducting only the administration cost, and that too within limits, mandated by the Govt. IPRS also has Direct Reciprocal Agreements with multiple societies across the globe, thus ensuring that its members do not miss out on their Royalties from foreign lands as well. IPRS has been driving significant changes, keeping pace with the changing times and, positively influencing its members’ lives. For over half a century, the teams at IPRS have been supporting the creators and publishers of music, with relentless efforts put in to safeguard the ‘members’ right to fair compensation for their creation. For more details please visit

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