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PJ Dulay
Director of Business Development,

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PJ Dulay

Director of Business Development,


"Pj has been at the forefront of every business and technology transformational
challenge in the music industry in the past 20+ years. Working in senior
management roles across all sectors of the business from digital, broadcast
licensing, film and TV sync, music publishing, production music, collective licensing
agencies and both indie and major record labels has given him a unique insight into
the drivers for successful growth and change.
An acknowledged expert in Business development, digital operations and content
creation he led the integration of Sanctuary Music, V2 Records and

EMI whilst at UMG and launched their labels services and digital only label
NoCarbon Records.
As a member of the global digital board of Universal Music Group he was
responsible for devising and implementation of industry leading data driven platforms
utilising the latest advances in algorithmic acoustic data extraction, machine
learning, social metrics and repertoire meta-data.
He currently leads Blokur’s commercial and business development.
Pj can be found at gig or on his bike when he’s not at work."

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